Published Papers:

Working Papers:

  • Al Masud, M. I (2023). The Impact of the Adult Awareness of Global Warming on Renewable Energy Consumption in the United States.
  • Al Masud, M. I, SG Ileri, 2023. Long-run and Short-run Determinants of the Private Pension Contributions in Turkey. International Journal of Emerging Markets (submitted)
  • Al Masud, M. I., (2023). Before it is too late: Do US Environmental Policies Reflect Climate Extreme?
  • Al Masud, M. I., (2023). The Impact of the 2023 Turkey Earthquake on the Turkish Estate Industry.

Conference Presentation:

  • American Economic Association (poster), TX (2024(scheduled)).
  • Southern Economic Association, LA (2023(scheduled)).
  • Western Economic Association, CA (2023).
  • Seminar at Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Philippines (2023).
  • Texas Tech Three Minute Thesis Competition (2022).
  • Texas Tech Graduate Research Poster Competition (2022).
  • Fiscaoeconomia International Congress on Social Sciences (2019).
  • Ibn Haldun Social Science Graduate Conference (2018).
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