Ismayl Al Masud's Biography

My primary areas of expertise as an applied microeconomist are labor economics, energy economics, and environmental economics. At present, I am employed as a graduate part-time instructor at Texas Tech University (TTU) and am pursuing a Ph.D. The campus of Texas Tech, which is situated in Lubbock, Texas, is among the most aesthetically pleasing in the nation.


I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Antalya Science University, Turkey, with High Honor. I obtained an MA in Economics from Ibn Haldun University (IHU) in 2019. During my MA program, I also held the positions of graduate research assistant and graduate teaching assistant at IHU.


In addition to my scholarly pursuits, I relish participating in sports such as cricket, tennis, and football. I have participated in and been the recipient of numerous trophies in soccer and cricket competitions.




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